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20/08/2007 - Summer Update

Nigel's Summer Update…

27/06/2007 - Email Problems

Lost Emails…

26/04/2007 - Tour Update 1

The Tour So Far…

19/02/2007 - Pre-Tour Update

Off on the road…

19/02/2007 - Shawstix

William Shaw & Co. Ltd…

21/01/2007 - Mad Men Warning!

Mad Men - An IMPORTANT Notice…

20/01/2007 - New Year Update

Nigel's New Year News…

26/07/2006 - Photo Diary

Nigel's Mid-Summer Photo Update…

01/08/2006 - August Update

Nigel's August Update…

26/07/2006 - Photo Diary

Nigel's Mid-Summer Photo Update…

26/06/2006 - Mid-Summer Update

Nigel's Mid-Summer Update - Graspop and Hellfest…

21/06/2006 - Summer Update SUPPLEMENT

Nigel's Summer Update - SUPPLEMENT…

19/06/2006 - Summer Update

Nigel's Summer Update - Thoughts on the Saxon Tour; future plans; PC problems; museum rescued…

05/04/2006 - Innocence Tour

Some photos from Italy of the Innocence Tour…

05/04/2006 - Tattoo Artist!

Some photos of a great Saxon Tattoo…

18/02/2006 - Interview with Nigel

Read this interview in Metal Rules

06/02/2006 - Message from Nigel

Have had a huge problem with Outlook crashing. This has been sorted now, although my emails have gone. So, if anyone's waiting for a reply to an email please resend as the original is probably in the ether!!! Also, if anyone sent me pictures from the last tour, please resend these as well and they'll go straight up on the site.

06/02/2006 - Madmen Download

The Mad Men album is available to download from the following sites:
DMSes (all of the iTunes country stores, MSN Music, MusicNet, Napster, real/rhapsody, Sony Connect, Amped, Arvato, Blueprint, eMusic, Liquid, etc….)

29/11/2005 - November Update

Nigel's November News…

31/10/2005 - Tour Update 2

Nigel's second instalment from the Saxon tour…

10/10/2005 - Tour Update

Nigel's report from the Saxon tour…

19/09/2005 - Nigel's Update

Nigel's Diary …


Saxon logo

04/02/2005 - Update

Nigel's February Update…

04/02/2005 - Kit for Sale

Nigel's Ludwig kit is for sale…

28/11/2004 - Napster…

Nigel has just finalised a deal meaning that the Mad Men album/tracks will be available to download off Napster, iTunes etc in about six weeks.

20/11/2004 - 99 Things…

"El Syd", is currently on one of the "99 Things...." episodes…

18/10/2004 - Nazareth

Nazareth at the Underworld

05/10/2004 - Nigel with Saxon

Message from Nigel about the Saxon Astoria gig

05/09/2004 - Wacken Festival

Nigel's report from Wacken …

14/08/2004 - Wacken Festival

View the photos ...

28/07/2004 - Nigel to play with Saxon!

Nigel will be guesting for Saxon at the Wacken Open Air Festival, 7th August 2004, performing 747 Strangers in the Night.

This will be the first time that Nigel has played with Saxon since the injury in 1998 - it promises to be a great day.

21/07/2004 - Message from Nigel:

Does anyone know the whereabouts of Graham Phillips - Nigel's trying to find him - he was the singer in "Shadowfax", one of Nigel's first bands back in Hove/Brighton. - the last time they met was in Oxford - Nigel was gigging there with Saxon and Graham, and his wife Val, came along. Having kept in touch by telephone and Christmas cards, they've since disappeared. The last Nigel knew was that Graham may have been working for the Parks/gardens dept in Milton Keynes. If anyone can help....??????

21/07/2004 - Message from Nigel:

Nigel Ross-Scott ... Nigel has been located, we're in contact, and many, many thanks to Kelly Hooker at Kelna in Worthing, and Simon Osborne of Splash FM, also in Worthing.

02/06/2004 - Message from Nigel:

Does anyone know the whereabouts of Nigel Ross-Scott ...

01/06/2004 - Those Magnificent Men

Nigel in a Tiger Moth ...

20/05/2004 - Nigel's Diary

A summary of Nigel's activities over the past few months...

05/03/2004 - Swing That Tail

"Swing That Tail" from the Mad Men album is getting extensive play on tv - apart from "99 Things To Do Before You Die" on Sky Travel, it's also being used as the closing theme for Premier League football programmes which go out three times a week to around fifty countries!! Other Mad Men tracks are getting tv usage as well on such programmes as "Dream Team", "Teachers", "Mile High", and "Eurotica", to name a few!!! Tracks Nigel has written with Roger Adams are starting to get used too, plus solo compositions. On a different theme, F1 is about to start!!!!!!!!!!! Who's going to get the Championship this year?!!!!!

03/01/2004 - Swing That Tail

"Swing That Tail" from the "Mad Men..." album is currently the first piece of music heard on "99 Things To Do Before You Die" on the Sky Travel channel.

14/10/2003 - Nigel's Diary

A summary of Nigel's activities over the last 20 months...

19/05/2003 - Desperate Dan Band

New album, “Unplugged, Unhinged & Almost Live!”, released.

The following has been taken from the Dan Site:

“A conversation between Nigel Glockler and myself convinced me to go ahead. He put me in contact with sound engineer Stuart Cambell and the rest, as they say, is history. Stuart made an amazing job of recording the two sessions at T' Coconut and mixing it all. Along with Nigel (who very generously allowed us the use of the studio at No. 13) he has produced arguably the best thing we have done yet.

So those of you who have this album: please enjoy! and for those who have not: hurry up and get it!”

(visit the site)

22/03/2003 - Saxon Album

Nigel, Paul Quinn, and Doug Scarratt have been getting together at Nigel's studio over the past couple of weeks writing material for the next Saxon album. Nibbs is expected to join them for the next session next week.

06/02/2003 - Mad Men outlet and review

Mad Men is now available at CD Services in the Guitar Instrumental Music section, or follow this direct link and also read the great review of the album.

04/02/2003 - Mad Men in Germany

A distibution deal is going through for a release in Germany of Mad Men and English Dogs. The album will soon be available in the shops there.

06/01/2003 - Desperate Dan Band

The Dan Band “unplugged” album will be available via this site in the next two/three weeks.

12/11/2002 - Metal Gods
Read the review of 'Mad Men...'

12/11/2002 - Wallpaper

Available NOW: Downloadable wallpaper for your desktop of 'Mad Men and English Dogs' artwork.

15/10/2002 - Gallery

A gallery of unique photos is now avaiable on this site.

17/08/2002 - Paul Samson

Our thoughts are with the family of Paul Samson, who sadly passed away on Friday, 9th August. Rest in Peace.

03/08/2002 - New Desperate Dan Album

Nigel and Stuart Campbell are currently working on an “Unplugged” album for The Desperate Dan Band

04/07/2002 - Gallery on its way

Nigel is sifting through his photos of all the tours, recording sessions, etc in readiness for an online gallery. These will be previously unseen photos that will give you an insight into what goes on backstage and behind the scenes. They will be in chronological order, although this might not be the order that they are posted onto the site.

13/06/2002 - Mad Men in Brighton!

'Mad Men...' is also now available at CD Warehouse in Brighton.

24/04/2002 - Mad Men AT VIRGIN!


08/04/2002 - New Outlet for 'Mad Men...' in America
There is now an outlet for people in America and Canada to get hold of Mad Men & English Dogs. You can now order it from:

Chris Jamele
Rasputin Music
470 South 11th St. #12
San Jose, CA 95112

10/03/2002 - Mad Men II
Nigel is now working on a Mad Men 2 album and there's a strong chance that there will be some vocals on this one.

27/01/2002 - Interview with DME
Nigel has completed an interview with DME. Go to their site, read the interview.

13/01/2002 - Shop Update
There has been an upgrade to the online shop. Visit the shop to buy your copy of Mad Men and English Dogs.

04/12/2001 - INTERVIEWS

  • INTERVIEW WITH TOTALROCK RADIO - Nigel was interviewed on Totalrock radio on Saturday 15th December.

  • On-line Interview on The Ultimate Saxon Tribute Site!!! - see the news section (01/10/2001)

  • On-line Interview on Metal Shrine - see the Interviews section ('Intervjuer')

  • 04/12/2001 - Mad Men Reviews

  • DME Review

  • 29/11/2001 - At the moment Nigel is busy writing new material for various projects with Stuart Campbell.

    Other news is that there are plans for two Dan Band albums to be recorded early in the New Year - one will mainly be acoustic-based, the other will be their usual brand of blues/funk/r&b, but with a difference!!!! More news on these as it happens!!!

    25/10/2001 - If you want to order the album but either don`t have a credit card or are worried about security, there are a number of ways to do this - full details on the Online Shop page.

    24/10/2001 - Read the Electric Basement review of Mad Men and English Dogs

    17/09/2001 - Mad Men and English Dogs RELEASED! Buy it only from this Web Site from Monday 17 September. Tell EVERYONE!!!!!

    02/09/2001 - Fun page added.

    28/08/2001 - Soundbites from 'Mad Men and English Dogs are available now.

    10/08/2001 - New album, 'Mad Men and English Dogs to be released in September. You will only be able to get it via this web site..

    30/07/2001 - You can view the cover for the forthcoming album and see the final track listing by clicking here.

    16/07/2001 - Mixing of Mad Men and English Dogs is now completed and mastering will be going ahead in London.

    26/06/2001 - Fin Costello will be doing the cover for Mad Men and English Dogs. Fin's other work includes Rob Halford and Cradle of Filth to name but a few - visit Fin's website now!

    25/06/2001 The production of Mad Men and English Dogs is coming on apace and in Nigel's own words, "it's sounding mega!".

    17/06/2001 - Nigel's been in the studio again with Doofer - more playing, programming and backing vocals - nine tracks finished so far (apart from mixing ) - Phil and Paul are busy completing the writing of another two or three tracks which will be laid down after the completion of the "Madmen..." album, mixing of which is expected to be finished in about two and a half weeks!

    03/06/2001 - Mixing for Mad Men and English Dogs continues apace at Silvermere after a brief sojourn in Monte Carlo for the Formula One Grand Prix (although there were other reasons for this trip as will become apparent when you hear the album).

    03/06/2001 - Nigel will be appearing in a Top Ten of 1981 programme that will be aired on Channel 4 in July.

    14/05/2001 - New section added - "Drum Kits I Have Known"

    12/05/2001 - Nigel will be doing an interview, 15/05/2001, for Chrysalis TV for a Top Ten programme that will cover the time that he was with Toyah. More information will follow when it comes to hand.

    22/04/2001 - Nigel's been playing drums for British band, Doofer (complete with members of the gorgeous Girlschool on backing vocals), for an album to be released later this year.

    22/04/2001 - 'Mad Men...' has entered the next stage of mixing - it's sounding terrific!

    21/03/2001 - Once the album is complete, it will be available exclusively from this site and a firm release date will be posted, complete with three or four sample audio downloads.

    20/03/2001 - The full story of the making of "Mad Men and English Dogs" now on site.

    10/03/2001 - A complete biography is being completed and will be online shortly.

    10/03/2001 - Also, the full story re. "Mad Men and English Dogs" album will be up too - how it came about etc and how it was written and recorded.

    05/03/2001 - Nigel has also been busy with Saxon again and has recorded some mellotron parts for the new Saxon album, which is looking great.

    05/03/2001 - Gallery of photos to appear on the site soon.

    21/01/2001 - The new album is nearly completed, the recording is finished and it's now being mixed. "Mad Men and English Dogs" will be available in early 2001 - watch this space!

    UPDATE: Saxon are now firmly ensconced in the studio in Hamburg, recording the follow-up to 'Metal Head'

    Nigel's been up in Lincolnshire with the rest of Saxon, co-writing their new album. Recording is due to start early in 2001 - we'll keep you posted on that one.