99 Things....

A track written by Roger Adams and me, "El Syd", is currently on one of the "99 Things...." episodes. I'm sure I've mentioned this before, but Roger was the guitarist with me in "Krakatoa" - and a fine player he is too!!! - check out "Beckozzio" on the Audio Network site - we wanted a track in the vein of Jeff Beck's Guitar Workshop album - Beck/Bozzio/Hymas - hence the title! It's been used for a programme called Miami Animal Police! There's some other stuff there we've co-written as well. Also, Mad Men tracks were all over a programme called "Ultimate Ships" on Channel 5 a couple of weeks ago, and "Swing..." was on a prog about Radio 1 behind some footage of Iron Maiden!

I went to Paris to see Saxon - totally un-announced! - I had my laminate for the tour so just walked in on them before soundcheck - Nibbs was there on his own initially and he got this Andy Warhol silver blonde wig for me to disguise myself before the others turned up - the venue was quite dark and Nibbs introduced me to Biff as Quentin Von Papstein and he looked very bemused/confused- until I whipped the wig off! Was he surprised!!!! Seriously though, it was great to see them, and the gig was great too!

Went to see Motorhead in Southampton last night (19th Nov) and that was a brilliant gig too! Hadn't seen the guys since their last tour, although we keep in contact via email/phone. Sepultura were excellent too - sat behind Igor, the drummer, for most of their set.

Phil decided, at 11.45pm, to ring up Terry Bennett, a mutual friend of ours who now lives in Spain - Terry used to be the vocalist in a Welsh band called Sassafras, later joining Krakatoa. Once again, Terry and I keep in contact via email but I haven't actually spoken to him since he came to a Saxon gig in Cardiff in the '80's - after doing some acting work on tv - Robin Hood etc - he went to Spain and I was on the road. Anyway, Phil thought it would be a laugh so he rang him! He just said in his Welsh lilt, "Terry, I've got a Mr Glockler here"!!! It was great to speak to him again - actually, it was lucky he was still up - it was nearly 1.00am over there! Now I've got his telephone number there's no excuse to ring!

A link has been put up so you can hear some of the tracks that have been written for media use - please bear in mind that (a)These are low quality samples, (b)Most of the Mad Men tracks have been re-titled to avoid confusion with album sales, and (c)Tracks are being put on-line gradually - some are not available to listen to yet, but will be!