Nigel's New Year News Bulletin

20/01/ 2007

It's been a long time coming but it's here at last - an update!!

Sorry for the lack of communication but we've been so busy getting the new album together and loads of other stuff has been going on!!

We actually started writing back in January, getting ideas together in between the Night Out with the Boys tour - after that ended, there was a long run of festivals during the summer until, finally, we were able to get in the studio to start recording the follow-up to Lionheart. This was going to be a very important album for me - not that any recording isn't - but this was the first one since re-joining the band so I went through all my parts in the minutest detail and took onboard suggestions from the other guys too - they got plenty back from me as well re guitar parts, etc., but this is how we work anyway, throwing ideas around and helping each other. It was also going to be my first time working with Charlie Bauerfeind and, I must say, it was a great experience - he really brought out the best in me - it was a true pleasure working with him! It was the first time of working with a producer who really knew about, and was into, drums. And my keyboard parts went down quick too!

Everyone worked their hearts out during the writing sessions and during the recording - I think the vibe was probably the best of any recording session I've ever been involved with - hard work but fun! - and I'd like to say thanks to the other guys for that - and Charlie and Thomas.We mustn't forget the many curries we ate! - I also took a few homemade ones up for the guys to sample - the fact that they were demolished says something I think! And I now realise that Charlie is more of a curry fiend than any of us!!!

By now, everyone knows about this Channel 4 documentary - that has certainly caused me a load of stress - the others too! Having a camera in your face for so many hours a day when you're trying to concentrate on music or just chillout after a long day's writing and routining is not a very pleasant thing - well I didn't think so anyway!

Biff got the brunt of it, being the singer, but we all suffered this invasion - there were fun moments too, but I have to admit I lost my cool a couple of times - ah well, we're all human!!! The secret gig at Lincoln was amazing - the audience were great but that was probably one of the hottest gigs I've ever done temperature-wise - it was an oven!!! - - the meet with the audience afterwards was very enlightening - I think we made a few new fans that night. Obviously not everyone was into it, but the majority of those we spoke to seemed to be. It was a good test for us and well worth doing.

Generally we were quite apprehensive about the whole thing at first, meaning the programme as a whole, but later on we could see that Harvey and the TV crew seemed to be on our side and wanted to raise our profile in the UK. The proof of the pudding will be when it airs!

Going to the Classic Rock awards was a first for us - might just have to do it again next year! Thanks to Harvey and Scott Rowley for that.

Next on the agenda is the album playback for the press - this Friday - that's going to be interesting to see what they think - then the Air Guitar thing at Sheffield on Saturday, followed by the Sheffield gig next week. After that, it's the tour proper - I can't wait - it's going to be a long slog - i mean that in the nicest possible way!

I'm going to try and sort out doing a kind of 'On The Road' daily blog if I can get a laptop together in time.

As regards other happenings, I'm back in touch with Steve Howe - hadn't seen him since GTR days, so we had a lot to talk about. I'd been to see Motorhead in Paris and was waiting at Gare Du Nord when Steve strolled in - brilliant to catch up. Also, John Payne and I are in touch again - his new band's Great! And check out Bernie Torme's band too!

Been a bit lax on the tv music front due to lack of spare time but I'm going to make up for that this year.

Also going to sort out a Myspace site - about time!!!!

Just remains for me to say - see you on the road and hope you like 'The Inner Sanctum'

Take care,

Saxon 2007 Tour Dates

26 Jan 2007 UK Sheffield City Hall
28.02. 2007 UK Glasgow Garage
02 Mar 2007 UK Belfast Spring & Airbrake
03 Mar 2007 Eire Dublin Temple Bar Music Centre
04 Mar 2007 UK Manchaster Academy 2
06 Mar 2007 UK Wolverhampton Civic Hall
07 Mar 2007 UK Nottingham Rock City
08 Mar 2007 UK Cardiff Coal Exchange
09 Mar 2007 UK London Astoria
10 Mar 2007 Belgium Antwerpen Hof Ter Loo
11 Mar 2007 Holland Amsterdam Paradiso
13 Mar 2007 Germany Köln Live Music Hall
14 Mar 2007 Germany Oberhausen Turbinenhalle
15 Mar 2007 Germany Hamburg Markthalle
16 Mar 2007 Germany Berlin Huxleys Neue Welt
17 Mar 2007 Germany Leipzig Werk 2
18 Mar 2007 Germany Lichtenfels Stadthalle
20 Mar 2007 Germany Stuttgart Longhorn/LKA
21 Mar 2007 Switzerland Pratteln Z7
22 Mar 2007 France Toulouse Havana Cafe
23 Mar 2007 Spain Madrid Macumba
24 Mar 2007 Spain Bergara Sala Jam
25 Mar 2007 Spain Barcelona Razzmatazz 2
26 Mar 2007 Spain Santiago Capitol
27 Mar 2007 Portugal Porto Hard Club
29 Mar 2007 France Lyon Transbordeur
30 Mar 2007 France Paris Elysee Montmartre
12 Apr 2007 Germany Saarbrücken Garage
13 Apr 2007 Germany Langen Stadthalle
14 Apr 2007 Germany München Große ElSerbia Halle
15 Apr 2007 Italy Milano Live Club
16 Apr 2007 Italy Firenze Viper
17 Apr 2007 Italy Rome Alpheus
20 Apr 2007 Greece Athen Gagarin 205
21 Apr 2007 Greece Thessaloniki Ydrogeios
24 Apr 2007 Serbia Beograd SKC
25 Apr 2007 Croatia ZaGreeceb Boogaloo Club
26 Apr 2007 Hungary Budapest Petofi Hall
27 Apr 2007 Austria Wien Polandanet Music
28 Apr 2007 Czechoslovakia Zlin Hala Novesta
29 Apr 2007 Poland Krakow Club Studio
30 Apr 2007 Poland Warszawa Stodola
05 May 2007 Finland Helsinki Tavastia
06 May 2007 Finland Oulu Teatria
08 May 2007 Sweden Stockholm Arenan
09 May 2007 Norway Oslo Rockefeller
10 May 2007 Sweden Göteborg Trädgarn
11 May 2007 Sweden Malmö KB
12 May 2007 Germany Osnabrück Halle Gartlage
13 May 2007 Holland Hardenberg Podium

Full details on the Saxon Site