Drum Kits I Have Known

The Monster (Present Day)
"The Monster"
  This is the first proper kit I owned - I used to alternate between either one or two rack toms
First proper kit
Second Premier kit.  First used on the tour that lead up to 'The Greatest hits Live' CD and video
Second Premier kit
My first kit with double kick drums
1st double-kick
First Premier kit.  First used on 'Rock the Nations' Tour
First Premier kit
Second Tama kit
Second Tama kit
Sketch by Paul Bailey
by Paul Bailey
Five views of the kit used with Toyah
Second Ludwig kit, used from 'Crusader' onwards
Second Ludwig kit
First Ludwig kit, used around 'Power and the Glory' era
First Ludwig kit
Tama kit, used in the 'Denim and Leather' tour
Pete Gill's kit, used during 'Denim and Leather'
Pete Gill's kit
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