In spite of reports on various websites etc, I can confirm that I'm not playing for Paul Dianno - where all this has come from beats me! I'll be investigating!

The Astoria gig was fantastic - the reaction from the audience when I was introduced[mp3link] brought a lump to my throat - I was deafened!!! To everyone that was there, thanks a million - you all made my night and I'll never forget it! Brilliant!

To the people I spoke to outside - thanks for your kind comments - much appreciated!

Last but not least, it was great to play with the guys again - this is becoming a habit - twice in as many months - whatever next???!!! Ha!

Nigel and Paul Gregory at the Astoria at the Saxon gig
Here's a piccy from the Atoria - me with Paul Gregory - he's the artist who does all the Saxon artwork/covers etc.