August Update

1st August 2006

It's August 1st, and, due to the Monsters Of Rock Festival in Bulgaria being totally cancelled, we've now finished our run of summer events - the next gigs are in October. We've played Norway, Finland, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Holland, Belgium, France, and Italy - not in that order I might add!

We're having some time off this month before heading up to Lincolnshire to continue with the writing of the next album.

That's about all the news for now - my next task is to try and rescue the stuff off my old Mac and get it onto the new one - I want to thank Beard and John for their help in getting everything operational once again. Also, it's time to get in the kitchen and get some homemade curries cooked - got to fill the freezer ready for winter!

I'm sifting through a pile of pics from the summer gigs and will be posting them up in due course - thanks again to all who came to the festivals - you noisy buggers!

Byee for now!!