I went up to London on the 10th of October to see Nazareth at The Underworld - great to see the guys again - I'd known Darrell since I was about eighteen/nineteen - a tragic loss - my abiding memory of him is from an open air festival; Naz and Saxon were appearing at in Germany in '95 - it was a steaming hot day and, during some song with frenetic double-bass drumming, Darrell nearly gave me a heart attack by sneaking up behind me and emptying a huge glass of gin and tonic (I think!!), plus ice, down my back!!! I can see him now, chortling away!!

Anyway, the gig was stonking - absolutely brilliant - well done guys!!!!! In a word (or two!!), they ROCKED!!!!!!!!!

Just want to say thanks to Dan, Pete, Jimmy and Lee for making a brill evening!! - can't wait for the next one!