Tour Update 2

The second leg of the tour is over - everyone is back at home chilling out before the next run of gigs. Unfortunately, we lost our tour bus driver during the recent break - Les was rushed to hospital in Essen and sadly died on Sunday the 16th of October - RIP Les - all the band and crew pass on their condolences to his family.

The Niggster/Monster performed brilliantly - what a great sound that kit has got!! Hopefully the next Premier kit will sound just as good! Tried out some RMV heads at Edinburgh and they were just what the doctor ordered!

Kevin Mackie, the inventor of the Duallist pedal, came along to the same gig and we imbibed a few pints of Deuchars IPA in the pub next door after the show which, incidentally, got cut short by over-zealous management/security people turning off the power - t*ss*rs!!

Anyway, the whole leg of the tour was great - thanks to all who turned up!!

Looking forward to seeing Motorhead and Uriah Heep/Asia at the end of November, then it's off again for three weeks leading up to Christmas!

- what have I done????!!!!! Ha! Take care everyone!!