Pre-Tour Message


So we're off on tour again, via production rehearsals in Bad Soden, near Frankfurt.

Doug and I hit the Eurostar and the Ice train on Tuesday.

Really looking forward to the gigs - here I must mention that some of you knew I'd had a problematic neck/shoulder/arm at the Sheffield concert - turned out it was a massive muscle spasm I'd had a week before and I ended up on the strongest painkillers bar morphine! Quite what brought it on is anyone's guess but I ended up on the floor in agony at 5.30am the previous week.The hotel bed was crap so that could have contributed to it. Anyway, it's been hammered with deep tissue massages, osteopathy, and chiropractic visits on a regular basis - several times a week. Here I've got to thank Sarah Lloyd for the pummeling, Michael Pearce for the traction (and acupuncture) - both from the Back To Health Clinic in Hove, and Mark Yacoub from Chiropractic First, also in Hove - thanks guys!!! Last but not least, cheers to Dr Brian Wells for getting me through the Sheffield gig by wiring me up to some Russian gizmo which calmed the inflamed muscles/nerves down.

So now I'm ready to rock!!!! - and it's F1 soon!!!!!! - no Michael Schumacher though :-(   - I'll be keeping an eye on Kimi this season.

Keep your eyes on the Saxon site as there will be a regular Blog and Podcasts during the tour! - and I'll be updating this site as we go on through the tour.