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Holiday Blues

Tom goes on holiday, but whilst away receives a telephone call from a friend.
"Hello Tom," says the friend. "Your cat's dead."
"Blimey mate," replies Tom, obviously quite upset. "You could have broken the news a little more gently!"
"How d'you mean?" replies his friend.
"Well, you could have told me that it had got stuck up on the roof. The next day, you could have said that it had fallen down the chimney and then the next day tell me that it had died"
"Oh!" Says the friend. "OK," and he rings off.
Three days later he rings again:
"Your Mother's stuck on the roof!"

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Hunting Bear

A man went hunting. He walked 10 miles south, turned and walked 10 miles east. he then turned again and walked ten miles north to end up where he started. He took up his rifle and shot a bear.

What colour was the bear?

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Cartoon Time
20 toes in 20 minutes

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